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American Cultivation Systems is devoted to helping our clients maximize product quality and product output by providing design, build and consult services for an advanced cultivation complex that will produce a reliable and sustainable growing system for your business.

Why use our Design-Build services?

  • Increased collaboration with knowledgeable industry professionals
  • Single point of contact for all project details; no gaps in communication
  • Shorter delivery timetable by concurrently scheduling project details
  • Overall cost savings for you, the owner!
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Process Equipment Layouts

Our design and build team offers the best effiecency for cultivation equipment layouts maximizing workable space in your faciltiy. This allows you the ability to expand growing efforts resulting in better efficiency.

Cost Estimating

Our cost estimating process is transparent and precise. Our team is dedicated to providing owner’s a thorough understanding of all costs involved in their build, taking pride in maximizing your ROI on each cultivation project. American Cultivation System is committed to NOT putting the “cannabis tax”(*) on your operation!

Master Plans

We begin all our Master Plans with four simple components: cost, schedule, organize and manage. Through setting these plans up in the conceptual phase we are able to work closely with owner’s to help them achieve their goals in the cultivation industry with the highest level of safety.

Conceptual Designs

We are seasoned in concept designs, retrofitting existing structures, re-purposing older mills or green field projects. We fully understand the unique challenges of building facilities to our customers’ specifications and save owner’s from costly challenges of building indoor grow rooms.

Value Engineering

We have designed and constructed clean rooms, grow rooms, processing rooms, coolers and freezers for over 25 years. With our extensive experience, we will guarantee you the safest growing environment,  fastest construction time and the best facility for your complete operation from seed to sale.

Project Management

Our team of experienced construction project managers have decades of proven experience in the field. From the initiation of conceptual design to completion of the project, our team delivers above industry standard communication, time and budget management. This allows a solid path for you to be up and running smoothly without delay.

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What is

Cannabis Tax?

*Cannabis Tax:  Noun  1) The “tax” (ungodly profit, really) that most companies charge for their product if it is marketed to the cannabis industry. 2) Product that is sold to competing industries for much less, although it is essentially the same product. 3) Product or services marketed to the cannabis industry as “specialized” for said industry, yet is actually an inferior product or service sold at an inflated price.